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Practice Information

The Alban Psychology Group provides a variety of consulting services, examples of which are:

Forensic Assessment
This practice specializes in the assessment of civil competencies, with a particular focus on the decision-making capacities that accompany major financial and legal decisions.  These assessments utilize an understanding of the relevant behavioral sciences research literature, as well as applicable statutes and case law.  The result is an assessment that addresses the needs of the subject in the context of a legal question.  This is a robust means of answering questions about testamentary capacity, contractual capacity, financial decision-making, conservatorships, and many other psycho-legal questions. 

Education / Special Education
This practice provides expertise in assessment, child development, and interventions in school-based settings.  Determining the needs of children experiencing academic and behavioral difficulties is a complex matter.  It requires an understanding of not only the nature of the challenges children face, but also the ability of schools to provide effective services.  Schools are, in many ways, an ideal venue for intervention.  However, due to practical limitations on the ability of schools to provide these services, outside assistance may be helpful to ensure that students receive the best assistance possible.  Maximizing these services may require the application of federal and state law, in conjunction with the understanding of what services schools can best provide.          

Litigation Support
This practice provides experience to make the most of expert testimony, evaluate the claims of opposing experts, examine relevant scientific claims, and strategy.  An expert in behavioral science and the law gives added flexibility and depth to any litigation strategy. Contacts within the behavioral sciences and medicine allow legal professionals access to and contact with experts in different specialties, as well as "translation" of scientific expertise into legal issues.  The ability to inform and educate experts about the relevant law makes expert testimony more effective and reserves attorney resources for formulating argument and writing.

This practice also provides clinical services to individuals and families.